As a once nurse, care assistant and believer in respect for those less fortunate than one selves based on age old requirements of social development of the aged, sick and needy, since my coming to power on the political scene I have endeavoured to publicly support those who are long in the tooth, long in the arm and need socialcare. Not only is it my objective to supplement outmoded fashion of bad socialcare policy i.e.  lack of socialcare provision worldwide and no apparent social services in the UK  but to lay a foundation upon which older people can actually enjoy their retirement; the socially disadvantaged can be realised in society as real people with the capacity for enjoyment and have a lot to offer in the way of being Part of a whole, a microcosm of the organic society in which we live.     

With the introduction of social care policy in establishing the Isabella Foundation in Mexico 2008 I have not only enriched the quality of ones lives but planted the seed of my enduring philosphy that ‘life is but for living’ that we should not only have the will to succeed but to enjoy ourselves no matter what life has dealt us in the past and recent past; thus saga type retirement pension plans with a good level of allowance of £500 per week, ‘walker lane type’ retirement homes and holiday retirement homes were all on my top ten list for the people built, bought and paid for worldwide through at first my signing off wealth through the EU treaty as Her Serene Highness Elizabeth Catherine Muller – Kohl and then as a product of social change based upon the profits of my billion dollar top grossing films, IT technology such as omni, zoot, multimedia companies established by Linda such as The Stock Company, Ensign, Paradigm, horizon and elephant films etc, airline companies, hotels and motels built, bought and sold.

First class travel to faraway places to feed the mind of the plenty and the few. To the advancement of those who never even knew where Timbuctoo was or for that matter even cared or dared to mention. A range of activities at your timeshares and retirement homes and daily events put on by Lindka and her teams to keep you healthy, wealthy, fit and happy, scuba, water sports, sailing, pub lunches, Sunday brunches and Sunday lunches, painting and nails painting all part of the rich tapestry of life for those who never really had the opportunity to enjoy of what life had to offer.

The introduction of the package, socialcare card, taxi card, pregnant mothers taxi scheme, the Queen Alexandra Soldiers Scheme, the Lindka Kohl foundation, The Elizabeth Kohl Foundation,the WDA, the Book a preservation society of Russia and the Stalybridge railway preservation society all come under the umbrella of many of the charities established by Lindka to promote better mental health, wealth and charity. What Is it? Where is it? Where can we find it? It is all around you. It is your gourmet meals, your home dinner service complete with pudding, wine and Christmas hamper, it is your first class rest homes with cleaner than clean cleanliness, no bleach or excrement on those marble tiled floors of casitas, 5 star hotels now homes, retirement villages and golf centres; Egyptian cottons, Ralph Lauren linens, Macy’s bedspreads and state of the art medical equipment, physiotherapy and rehabilitative services, mah Jong, backgammon, health, wealth and fitness advice, the book club and library service, mobile library services, Trident health care, mobile health units, ambulance services, respite care services, teen scene, kids club and young at heart websites, Friday night tea out, medical check up, on call services, personal maids and valet services and a book at bedtime are all a provision of socialcare practice put on and paid for by Lindka sometimes subsidised pension plans at 7p in the £1 also by Lindka.

One must also add at this adjunct ion that it is a long cherished dream of mine that those men, women and children who have been victims of war and neglect should life a life perhaps better than hoped for, in receiving war compensation and a good home in orphanages supported by Lindka and through the WDA and my worthwhile teams. That even as in the present we still manage to support those of great need with war compensation packages, crisis centres, relocation packages, WDA teams in an army of cars, buses and taxis who transport and give medical assistance, food supplies to those ravaged by war fear and famine to salvation and sanctuary to my cities of hope.

I see it and it happens, a philosphy based upon philanthropy. A can do attitude and a reason for being, is my eternal gratitude for knowing that there is a life out there for one and all.