Social Policy

Diversity projects. Good educational opportunities for ethnic minorities including Ivy league tuition for Black people. 3 meals a week in good restaurants. Race hate bureaus with interventionist lawyers. Media opportunities and courses from the BBC and independent production houses. Whitehouse of your dreams.

In becoming one, we became two, then three, then four a world united against the forces of repression, prejudice and hate. There aren’t many of us standing against a media onslaught of repressed republicanism spurting out from the (NY water sewer things) awashing our streets of gold to watch the political ‘muck cart’ roll by in the early hours of the morning before ‘what the papers say’ hits the coffee shops. Of course in the bringing of a new age becomes dawn and with that class and money. Social democracies cost money, like cars in an over populated city, expensive to run. Nothing is for free but the boiled egg with your free lunch. Therefore in the need to educate our souls we need to reassess our values. Life is for living, but it cannot just be one long party of redheads wearing the party hats of hedonism, faded to grey. There needs to be something more. This is our new social agenda.     

It isn’t a requisite of life anymore to live to eat, I have shifted the sands of time somewhat to accommodate a easier lifestyle for one and all. We have an increased leisure time with the disposal income to afford that dream. Thus in all of the aspects of living the dream and that is a concept we can all drink from the half full beer glass, not the young, there are the family friendly restaurants with child seat available and mother and baby changing rooms, there are not many of those around but they are on the increase.

We need to learn from an early age of le spot and pre school education to taking the grand vacation to Tibet that in order to fulfill our dreams we require to speak the same language, whether that be French, German, Spanish, gujarati, Hindi, mandarin, Polish, czechoslavakian, Russian and the ubiquitous queen’s English to name but a few. A world full of possibilities that cherish the notion of progression not regression.

The emancipation of the soul for Shirley Valentine and Mrs India, Miss Russian bride to be has been wonderful to unfold, to ease the burden of necessary hardship in feeding a family for modern man quite fashionable in an unfathomable age. In the near eradication of poverty throughout the third world with the introduction of The world Development Agency through social and corporate change and with that a burgeoning of new ideas through social responsibility we have walked the long road to freedom.

In building a house that Jack built, Jill now can live in the upper storey, complete with study and obligatory computer table. We can now live in the cities of our desire, or in the stockbroker belt, new options of housing to accommodate our needs. We can all now live in our Whitehouse, walk to our half day work, take the kids to park, endure a year or two of an array of Socialcare classes, enjoy our retirement homes, golf villages, recreation and community centres for young and old, stay at the Hilton in Park City and meet Paris Hilton on the stairs.

The only thing not on this shopping list for life and its a long one, is the milk in the fridge, too many cows to feed an army. We need to realign our mental values to understand the public vote and what it achieves. We at the UK Democrats can help with this in getting together an arts bill that counts for something, so that in entertaining the few we can feed the mass appeal of a country on the move. We are here to stay, to play, to travel sometimes the road to enlightenment but I will always come back to your door to bring you home. In a voice for Europe, in representing your soul we as the UK Democrats can and have achieved most of what I have written on the wailing wall (this manifesto) and further afield with the provision of the EEA, in the global funding of a cherished dream, we can indeed but live a little. Do join a bookclub someday, it’s great!