Free state education. Free nursery and subsidised nursery provision. Free student fees. 5 tier education system to include grammar schools. Le spot. Shakespeare in schools. Extra classroom space. Incentive schemes for teachers and lecturers. 

In an education for all, one can only achieve to dream the impossible. If carp diem is your mantra and a place at the heart of the nation your ideal in whatever your chosen path of life, then sign here on the dotted line. Education is at the forefront of our campaign and one of the key factors in choosing the way in which we live. We live in a multifaceted society and how we educate our children as a future generation of hope to form the basis of a professional society is how we live to survive in the maelstrom of scientific and technological advancement in an ever changing world. So if your children can set the smart TV package better than you, then that is just fabulous.     

Of a five tier education system consisting of state, private, coed, grammar single sex and coed, faith schools and comprehensive streaming, parents can be presented with a choice of schools available to their children without moving to the next town to accommodate their educational needs. We adopt annexes that free up classroom space for less crowded classrooms, employ incentive schemes for teachers and lecturers that incorporate the ethos of your best English teacher, the one who believed in you in class and on the sports pitch, the playing fields of England! Awayday training for teachers, the fulcrum at the seat of learning that borne a legion of educationalists hell bent on giving a child a voice in which to achieve their maximum potential. A student union another voice for a new generation of youth hoping to achieve their dream, supported by funding of student activities and social events, ‘kitty club’ funding by the UK Dems, free student fees, Friday night essays, less coursework, book clubs and book grants , all tenets of faith that support a student through their course of study, not having to work their way through college scenario, in order to make the grade.

Of course to be on course, it is an unequivocal viewpoint that not all roads lead to the zenith of our desire. Thus although a fully supported curriculum of classes complemented by after school classes, theatre trips,field trips and Day trips to places of ‘interest’, we at the UK Dems understand that a child needs to grow,to be offered an opportunity to expand their knowledge in order to do what they want to do in life. They learn this at an early age as early proponents of ‘Le spot’,Shakespeare in schools and the obligatory trig, all learnt from the font of free state and subsidised nursery education provision funded from the empirical vision of Her Serene Highness Lindka Kohl.

In being a part of the psion of our youthful agenda, the UK Democrats will be the cornerstone of governance from which a new generation can cherish a dream of which to be proud,to be what you want to be, do whatever you want to do and go wherever you want to go in a free world.