Economic Policy

Global funding strategy. Funding as direct debits to local councils superseding monetary negligence from central government thus no public spending cuts. Euro dollar millions and personal growth as Lindka’s commitment to society. 

Built upon a mountain of hope, satchel and briefcase tucked firmly unto the public conscious, a capital effect in remaining in the very heart of Europe, social and corporate change a never ending keynsian cycle of economic growth based upon the principles of the power of one. A global funding strategy that baffles the bank manager to encompass capital wealth, amassed edifice of stone turned into milk and honey, hotels, motels, trains, cars, boats, planes, shops, stores, music, opera, ballet, books, plays, films, technology, an earning capacity of £10 billion pounds on average daily filling Lindka,s coffers, not to mention party funds, restaurant funds, peace funds…..    

The very heart of my desire fuels the drive to power the engine that oils the wheels of commerce, in making my own money, I can find the will to succeed to promote my politics. The funding that fuels the dream for everyone, worldwide, rich or poor, black or white, irrespective of age, class or religion.

In 2007 with the inception of a UK coalition government guided by this very own Her Serene Highness Elizabeth Catherine Muller-Kohl, we brought about a revolution of ideas on all frontiers with the ratifications of the Lisboa/EU Treaty to be implemented, we became overnight millionaires with the omnipotent euro dollar firmly within our grasp. A lifetime of toiling in the kitchens of Washington far behind us,, caucus and prickly cacti became a practicality, then foregone conclusion, the first lady of politics trailblazing on the international scene, to be seen, not obscene, a huge amount of money spent of fashionable attire to grace the front pages of the world’s press and media. Time magazine, to note sept 2008 – Is this the face of America? And it was people, it is, the American dream for all, its yours for the taking. Enjoy, ma le petit bourgelais, it’s on the menu, if you care to ask.