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About UK Democrats

The UK Democrats. It is about you. All of you, wherever you choose to be on this tiny island, whatever which path you take in life, you will always have a place in our heart. In being on the political scene as a young upstart of the labour party, way back when to the formation of a  2010 coalition government known as The Conservative Alliance to many established by the ubiquitous Elizabeth Catherine Muller-Kohl, Lizcat, to the present day UKIP although we are a greater being than ourselves as a democratic voice for Europe and with that the EEA. We believe in a concept of good faith, in realising our dreams, an education for all to fulfil our maximum potential, a foundation on which to build our dreams of good governance through a fully integrated society of young professionals of which is a future generation of hope. To live work and play in The Whitehouse of our reality. To respect one another, the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable, to protect civil liberties in an age of liberalism, in LGBT rights and ethnic diversity and support them in a fractionalised society, To enjoy what life has to offer whether it be a good book, film or play, to play at sport on the playing fields of England and reach that higher ideal and not just on the tenements of our mind. Life is for living people, it is your basic right as an individual to enjoy yourself whatever purpose in life you choose to have. It is your reson d’etre. Dream it, live it, it is yours for the taking. It is your life, enjoy!