Welcome To UK Democrats

The UK Democrats. It is about you. All of you, wherever you choose to be on this tiny island, whatever which path you take in life, you will always have a place in our heart. In being on the political scene as a young upstart of the labour party, way back when to the formation of a  2010 coalition government known as The Conservative Alliance to many established by the ubiquitous Elizabeth Catherine Muller-Kohl, Lizcat, to the present day UKIP although we are a greater being than ourselves as a democratic voice for Europe and with that the EEA.


In an education for all, one can only achieve to dream the impossible. If carp diem is your mantra and a place at the heart of the nation your ideal in whatever your chosen path of life, then sign here on the dotted line. Education is at the forefront of our campaign and one of the key factors in choosing the way in which we live. We live in a multifaceted society and how we educate our children as a future generation of hope to form the basis of a professional society is how we live to survive in the maelstrom of scientific and technological advancement in an ever changing world. So if your children can set the smart TV package better than you, then that is just fabulous.     

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Social Policy

In becoming one, we became two, then three, then four a world united against the forces of repression, prejudice and hate. There aren’t many of us standing against a media onslaught of repressed republicanism spurting out from the (NY water sewer things) awashing our streets of gold to watch the political ‘muck cart’ roll by in the early hours of the morning before ‘what the papers say’ hits the coffee shops. Of course in the bringing of a new age becomes dawn and with that class and money. Social democracies cost money, like cars in an over populated city, expensive to run. Nothing is for free but the boiled egg with your free lunch. Therefore in the need to educate our souls we need to reassess our values. Life is for living, but it cannot just be one long party of redheads wearing the party hats of hedonism, faded to grey. There needs to be something more. This is our new social agenda.     

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Defence Strategy

A world around us, torn part by grief. There are wars to be fought, battles to be won, possibly on the cricket pitch, albeit. The UK Dems have a commitment to world peace, which is achievable in our hearts, if not our minds. In the establishment of nuclear free zones in all member States of the EU and further afield with the EEA, a global conflict of ideas in bringing together the military powers of the US, Russia and  (Northern) Korea to come on board to create nuclear disarmament throughout the 21st century into realisation. As the first lady of politics, a constructive ideology in her handbag of the dismantling of nuclear weapons not only on the actual tarmac of terrafirma but as peace treaties that are sustainable in the modern world we can live in a safe society for us all to grow as human beings.     

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Economic Policy

Built upon a mountain of hope, satchel and briefcase tucked firmly unto the public conscious, a capital effect in remaining in the very heart of Europe, social and corporate change a never ending keynsian cycle of economic growth based upon the principles of the power of one. A global funding strategy that baffles the bank manager to encompass capital wealth, amassed edifice of stone turned into milk and honey, hotels, motels, trains, cars, boats, planes, shops, stores, music, opera, ballet, books, plays, films, technology, an earning capacity of £10 billion pounds on average daily filling Lindka,s coffers, not to mention party funds, restaurant funds, peace funds…..     

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As a once nurse, care assistant and believer in respect for those less fortunate than one selves based on age old requirements of social development of the aged, sick and needy, since my coming to power on the political scene I have endeavoured to publicly support those who are long in the tooth, long in the arm and need socialcare. Not only is it my objective to supplement outmoded fashion of bad socialcare policy i.e.  lack of socialcare provision worldwide and no apparent social services in the UK  but to lay a foundation upon which older people can actually enjoy their retirement; the socially disadvantaged can be realised in society as real people with the capacity for enjoyment and have a lot to offer in the way of being Part of a whole, a microcosm of the organic society in which we live.     

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